8:30 – 9:00am



Jason Ball
     Young Australian Humanist of the Year 2016
Matilda Alexander
     Senior Conciliator – Anti-Discrimination Commission Qld
     Discrimination on the basis of not having a religion – protections provided in law for non-religious people.
10:25 – 10:45am Morning Tea
Michael Cope
     President – Queensland Council for Civil Liberties
Julian Burnside
     Barrister, Solicitor, Refugee Advocate, AHoY 2009
12:15 – 1:15pm Lunch
Huifen Zeng
     Humanist Society (Singapore)
Max Wallace
     Academic, Author The Purple Economy
     Max Wallace argues that today’s liberal democracies are better described as soft theocracies.
John Bell
     Australian Humanist of the Year 2016
2:50 – 3:05pm Afternoon tea
Panel discussion / Q&A

Close 3:50pm



Program subject to changes