8:30 – 9:00am




Cassandra Perryman – Convention MC;
Ron Williams – President, Humanist Society of Queensland;
Scott Sharrad – President, Council of Australian Humanists
Meg Wallace
     Academic, Author Freedom from Religion: Rethinking Article 18
Lyndon Storey
     Convenor – ACT Humanist Society
     Why Humanism matters
Amanda Bradley
     Children by Choice
     When Morals Divide Us, Women Suffer
10:55am – 11:15am Morning tea
Maria Delaney
     Social Change Agency
     Religious Instruction and chaplaincy in schools: risks for social justice and violence prevention
Fiona Patten
     Australian Sex Party
     An atheist in parliament – one MP’s journey to separate church and state
1:00 – 2:00pm Lunch
Alison Courtice
     Queensland Parents for Secular State Schools
     The Windsor way
Dave Copeman
     Queensland Community Alliance
     Effectively lobbying politicians, and building strong community-based campaigns
Bonney Corbin
     True – Relationships & Reproductive Health
Safe Schools Coalition
3:30 – 3:45pm Afternoon tea
Ron Williams
     Williams v. Commonwealth I&II
     Covert evangelical infiltration into Australian public schools
Panel discussion / forum / Q&A
     Religion in public education

Close 4:45pm

Program subject to changes